The beginning of the end?

This seems a huge shame. Could the TT be next?

Given our current society and culture, it was only a matter of time.

It seems the problem isn’t just cost.

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Shocking but inevitable due to the namby Pamby world unfortunately
My mates and I regularly say we have lived through the most fun era. Could do pretty much what we wanted and laughed our arses off doing it.


I blame a lot of spectators, bastards aren’t supporting the racing, they’re putting claims in for climbing barbed wire fences etc. One w@anker last year brought a ladder, fell off it drunk and broke a leg, claimed for 30k :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That’s mental! If I had done that I would be too embarrassed to sue anyone! I think the TT and NW200 are now bucket list events for some folk who have no respect for what they actually entail. They just have to see it but don’t care about it.

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If more of the spectators had to actually stump up for a ticket may have been able to afford the premium but bloody insurance companies don’t want to take risks which begs the question: what are they for ?

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The UGP did the pay thing and I begrudged them for it. Its on my doorstep, they used to give us a residents pass every year. That stopped. Then they started making everyone buy wrist bands and refused access at every road end. I certainly dont mind paying for the sport but the UGP in particular was run by some greedy dodgy types and they were sucking the money out for years! Now years ago when it was free, I would always buy a program and a badge at any race I attended.


There is at least a glimmer of hope…


I’ve never ever been to any race meet as it’s not my thing but I wouldn’t want things ever like that to end either as it’s another thing taken away by the do-gooder bell ends