The Carding Shed, Holmfirth (June 2023)

Breakfast at The Carding Shed today. It’s a while since we’ve been. There were many new cars and bikes on show. The service was a lot better, too.

This beast was in the car park. I’ve got little interest in owning a trike but they do look like a lot of fun.

Also in the car park was this lovely old Porsche Speedster. Any car with a picnic basket deserves respect in my book.

There were a few bikes visiting, though not as many as I expected. In fact the place wasn’t as busy as I’ve seen on other Sundays, despite the glorious sunshine.

As always there were some lovely old cars, depending on how you like your nostalgia. They had a couple of old Triumphs. You can have that Roadsster for about the same price as a fully loaded Rocket 3.

We found a few bikes so old even @Iron would struggle to find the parts.

And god only knows how this thing worked.


Fiendish early washing macine, guaranteed to shrink your pants…

That looks like a good day out Saul. Great set of pictures :grinning:

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Proper kit for when vehicles had points and a condenser before electronic ignition and ecu’s spoilt it. :wink: :laughing:

Now replaced by an app on my smartphone like TuneEcu. :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Sorry to disappoint……….The car showing a porsche badge is a VW replica, as it was registered in 1972 and based upon the 1950’s Porsche 356 speedster.

if it was the 1950’s car it could be worth up to 500k.

Still a nice looking car anyway. The replica still costs more than any car I have owned lol.

heres a link to a replica.

Further check using dvla road tax checker confirms my initial thoughts and lists it as a VW also


Well spotted! I’d never have guessed. I didn’t see the owner. I wonder if he tells the inevitable admirers.

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It looks like a lovely place to visit!

It’s truly interesting ALTHOUGH…….
It moved a few years ago and the previous old mill it was in was even better. I remember a classic car show in the village where it was and expected summat like a few hundred people go show up instead it was a few thousand and it gridlocked the whole village for several hours. A bus was in the stationary traffic for hours still with its passengers on!! There was even a vintage helicopter on show like the one in the ‘Prisoner’ tv series.


I understand they had certain restrictions imposed with the new place because of neighbours and access.

Yeah but your village consists of a single set of crossroads that gets gridlocked when two wooden carts pulled by ye olde oxen and piled high with either hay or manure meet and the two yokels with the carts (armed with pitchforks) stop for a drunken brawl after drinking too much cider. :rofl: :rofl: