The end of group rides

I read a thought-provoking letter in a recent MCN (UK weekly motorcycling newpaper, for those living elsewhere). The writer raised the point that electric bikes are going to be quite disruptive when it comes to riding in groups; the larger the group, the worse it gets.

We’ve all been in a situation with our petrol machines where a stop is made at a garage and some people fill up while others mill about, perhaps because they have larger tanks, better economy or simply because their own tank was full when they set out and others weren’'t.

What, right now, is a 5-10 minute opportunity to stretch your legs and chat to each other will suddenly become at least a 20-30 minute stop. With a mix of petrol and electric bikes in the same group that’s going to get pretty divisive.

Even is everyone stops together, there’s still a much longer break for charging, and that assumes there are enough chargers available in the same place. Ok if there’s just a few riders perhaps, but in a larger group it’ll be a pain as people have to mooch about the locality looking for somewhere to plug-in their bike.

This isn’t supposed to be a case against the development of electric bikes but it does seem another challenge to the way some people’s social life.

Yes definitely thought provoking. I’m not sure that a group ride on an electric bike is something I would want to do. For me it does not have the same appeal as riding with mates on proper motorbikes (smell, sound etc…)

Are you saying you only like to ride with mates who are noisy and smell? :grin:

Ha ha…. I think you know exactly what I was getting at :slightly_smiling_face:

There are enough petrol bikes already in existence to outlast any of us on here. Nobody needs a new one every year. I’m more worried about how long petrol will be avalable.

It would be a comedy of errors, they’d spend half their day at charging stations. Then they’d need a wee…

noisy and smell… french people ?

Filling/charging up aside, the thought of riding in a large group of silent bikes would fill me with dread!

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How boring :zzz: :frowning_face: