The introduction of sprint races

I was somewhat sceptical about the introduction of sprint races initially. I used to watch F1 and didn’t like their introduction in to that series. I was a little more hopeful about them being a better feature in MotoGP as it’s a lot easier to overtake. Having seen the first one on Saturday I’m now leaning towards being in favour.

Any other throughts and opinions now we’ve seen it in action?

I don’t know about motogp, but I’m a huge F1 fan. I did NOT (and still don’t) like the introduction of sprint races in that. A very “for purposes of entertainment” American concept, in my view.

To me it starts to look like “roman circus game”.
It was not necessary to introduce this ultra aggressive part before the race.
Vinales was interviewed and is not too keen about that sprint race. I totally understand his point of view.

Out of subject: Marc Marquez is a w…ker :grinning:

Apparently, Jack Miller is a big advocate for the sprints. I wonder if this is the difference between ‘career’ racers and those guys who just love to get out there for the love of the competition.

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I always knew it was going to be exciting (much the same as world Superbike’s superpole race), no need to circulate for half the race saving your tyres.
However we’re now going to the 2nd round in Argentina with 4 possibly 5 riders missing due to injury. How many will make it to the end of the season?
I’m hoping Vinales and Miller will save it from turning in to a Ducati Cup series.
And Marquez needs to accept his Honda is not yet competitive and ride with a bit of respect for his compatriots.


Ducati will be tough to beat with their crazy straight line speed advantage. It looked like they had the F1 equivalent of DRS!

The sprint was certainly exciting, but the jury is still out from my point of view as to whether it’s a good thing. I hate sprint races in F1.


I was going to suggest that having two short races on Sunday for MotoGP might be better but on reflection the half+full distance races mean riders have to show more skill than outright speed - tyre and fuel management, in other words. They may have struck a good balance between the commercial demands and actually the keeping racing exciting.

You’d be a brave person to bet against the Ducatis this year. I hope you’re right though. The Aprilias are quick and I was pleasantly surprised about the competitiveness of KTM. Both Jack and Brad were fast last weekend so it’s not that a rider is flattering the bike, as with Yamaha and Honda. Not that Fabio was able to do much in Portimao.

I’m still baffled by that Marquez move. He’s always aggressive but that was Binder-esque (Darryn) in its banzainess. He did stick it on the front row so I wouldn’t discount him for at least a few wins this season.