The most useless item I have ever seen

It’s a little premature advertising this before April 1st, as Rodney would say “what a plonker”.
Motorcycle Handlebar Drink Cup Holder Water Bottle Beverage Cage Colorful ABS X1 | eBay?


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As much use as tits on a fish!


Or a midget with a yo-yo!

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I had one on my Multistrada. It was very convenient.


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Still got that motorcycle ashtray if anybody is interested :wink:

You’re sick…

Not as sick as Saul though!

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The weirdest thing is they seem to think their target audience is Hayabusa & R1 riders.
Seeing a cup holder on a Harley cruiser next to their anti-social speaker system wouldn’t shock me (even less so in the States).

I’ve just realised I find a motorcycle playing loud music more anti-social than one with a loud exhaust system. :thinking: