The new bike

Just correcting my error. So in the right place. My new bike retirement present from my Lovely wife. Joe


Just thought. Here I am bragging on about my new bike and not a mention for Jason @ Bulldog Triumph. Yes I know I was spending money. But I walked in to a show room Triumph had inundated with new machines of all models there was little room anywhere and even the new machines were still in their wrapping. Jason fetched me a cuppa and informed me my bike was in the show room getting prepared and he would fetch me as soon as it was ready for the road which did not take to long at all. All the staff treated me like royalty and could not help enough. I think it was Adam took my jacket helmet and bits and said don’t worry Joe I will look after those for you. Don’t think you can read the little note on the bike that read something. Welcome Joe enjoy your new bike and thanks. Really personalised the whole transaction. So thankyou Jason and Bulldog you made it a fab day. Joe


It’s a cracker; enjoy every mile you have on it @Joe