The return of Vincent?

Its so good to see these names coming back but such a shame to see its only the name that is British.


Just like Brough, it is not a true Vinceent.

The motive for calling a new bike a ‘Vincent’ will no doubt be to charge an artificially high price on the back of the high market value of real ones.

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That Brough does look good, though.

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Mix of new and old all hidden behind the scenes but you obviously have to double take to find it all.

I like to think this is what the original builders might have made if they had access to today’s technology but kept their aestetic preferences.

It will be interesting to see where they might pitch the Vincent brand, whether it’s just another cheap as chips Royal Enfield/BSA retro rival or whether they are more ambitious and go for more performance producing a Speed Twin/Thruxton alternative.

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It’ll be pitched above my price range that’s for sure.

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