The smallest gas station you are aware?

I’ll start … one Shell in Finland

There is one same size gas station (Esso) in Sweden:


This was in Antrim, Northern Ireland until recently :wink:


Untill recently? Is it not still there? I used to pass it on a daily basis. Only a dozen or so miles from me.

This is the smallest one I’ve seen


Apparently it lost its licence in '22 Petition launched to support Antrim petrol station - Photo 1 of 1 - Antrim Guardian

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Never knew. Thats pretty sad actually, typical health and safety! The girl who runs the shop is lovely too, would always see her out on the pump. Antrim town itself has a lot of history and quirks.


Mainly created this thread as in Finland and in Sweden the motorcyclists exactly likes to visit and use those small historical gas stations. Not any car drivers.

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We came across one of the same size last year on our annual sojourn to Wales. Will see if one of the group has a photo of it.

We have a few near us. One that I immediately thought of is in Weobley (Herefordshire). I don’t have a photo, so got this off t’interweb.


This one is supposedly the oldest operating fuel filling station in the UK - only found that out Googling for an image today! Vowchurch (Herefordshire). Image found on the internet again.