The things I set my sleep off with….. zzzzz

Yeah ok what a subject to talk about but every night when I go to sleep, I close my eyes on a challenge of ‘How am I gonna do this…’

Well last night I had a fright, after reading one of Saul’s ‘Bike’ mags, every new bike seemed to have one of those crap laptop virtual reality screens and no proper analog clocks. I couldn’t get to sleep as I felt I was held down to the ground by the authorities unless I chose to have one!!
Oh dear better stop this toxic thought now and carry on with my real analog bikes……

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I like the flexibility of my tft on the Tiger, but it would be completely inappropriate on my Speed Twin which has traditional analogue dials.

Horses for courses.

Was reading about 900 scrambler vs benelli vs Ducati scrambler vs fantic and as they all skim the edge of retro with triumph most in style. They all but the triumph had futuristic looking dash instruments. I really like a bike with a real bike look tbh.


I hear they are doing away with manual oil pumps, carbide lamps, belt drives, hand gear changes and kick starters too. I don’t know what the world is coming to…

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I won’t sleep :sleeping_bed: now Ade! It’s not on, don’t break my bubble! :rage:

Actually, belt drives are not unknown on Harleys, and kick starters would still be a handy back-up in the case of a low battery. Not all modern developments have been positive: carburettors generally gave a better throttle response than electronic fuel injection, which was mainly introduced to meet increasingly restrictive emission controls. Carbs still work very well on my old Guzzi.
Now where’s my tin of carbide?

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“Proper analog clocks”
Just for you mate.



Beautiful set of dash clocks, they really do have charisma. I also love the style of your bike too and I might get an early one still one day.
It’s a comical story but ten years ago is when I first bought my bonneville and the wife swung it for me as it was either that or a V7 so she bought me a new leather jacket that happened to say the name triumph on it!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Apparently the dials were originally designed for the first Ducati Monster but Ducati changed their minds. Moto Guzzi bought them up, put on the eagle logo and had a bit of a result!


@stevelovatt so out of the bonneville, the 9T and the guzzi you’ve had all three and I’ve only done the two, which did I you like best?

What are those pretty emojis on the top :thinking:

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That’s a tough one. Had two Bonnevilles - a 2004 T100 and a 2012 SE. The T100 was the best.

Loved the 9t but not in it’s Racer form, although I did alter it to provide higher bars. Great engine and plenty of character.

The Guzzi is closer to the Bonneville in style and performance. It’s down on power at 48bhp but it feels smaller and more nimble. Less common than the Triumph so usually attracts some attention.

I quite fancy one of the original Bonneville Scramblers from 2006 especially the green and cream one.

Yes I remember you had two, what made the T100 better than the Bonneville SE?

The V7 I see as an Italian city bike , cool and laid back like you see period images of scooters and traditional evening bars and a lovely way of seeing the scenery at a relaxing pace.

I see the 9T as a fantastic part retro that has the laced wheels of the bonneville and the v7, the grunt and engine character of the air cooled indestructible GS and in my case from what I’ve made it for , the ability to carry proper luggage and tour the globe effortless.


Character mainly, spoked wheels, carburettors, reserve on the tank and those analog clocks!

Great analysis on the V7 and Rninet.


Yep, Bonnevilles rock!