The Wine Press at Hollingworth Lake

A fairly decent evening in this part of the world, just a bit of wind and the we dodged any showers, tempted us in to a ride up to Hollingworth Lake after work. @Motopulcino and I buzzed up to the Wine Press (it’s just a pub) to meet a couple of her riding buddies. One on a mean, black Monster with a fruity pipe and the other, er, in a Mercedes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s a fairly popular place for bikers. There always seems to be a few around, although not many this evening. Perhaps people are still recovering from the weekend’s royal revelry.


That looks lovely, great weather considering how mixed it has been! I wouldn’t say no to seeing more photos of the MV…

I may have tweaked the pictures to make it look a bit brighter than it actually was. :grinning:

Her’e’s the MV in some genuine sunshine.


Bike porn, is that allowed?

Bike porn, yes. Real porn, well, there are plenty of other sites for that. :smile:


Why not …?
Slightly more mature model than Octoberons youngster.
More granny porn… :rofl:


I reckon @Wessa knows a few of those :joy:

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Nice. :smile: I read somewhere that MV are bringing out a new version.

@Octoberon and @Oldskool they are beautiful machines, really beautiful. When @HelmutVisor and I went out the other week, there was an MV Dragster (I think) in a shop used as a display piece (they were having a bike event) with all the extras, wire wheels etc. The owner was there and said he had had it from new for several years and it hadn’t even been run in, it had less than 600 miles on the clock. It seemed such a shame, it looked amazing in the flesh - looking at photos of it now, it doesn’t grab me as much.

I have a soft spot for the looks of lots of the MVs.

I was all set to buy a Ducati Supersport but then I saw a full-page magazine advert for the MV. It’s a similar style of bike in some respects, somewhere between proper sports-tourers and supersports, but I like the unusual, very Italien, design. I couldn’t test ride one but I did try an F3, which it’s based on. My only complaint is the sound - it needs the aftermarlet exhaust option to make it howl a bit more.

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You may well be correct, but then again :grinning: