Theft: Sheffield gang leave empty-handed after double bungle (MCN)


Tossers, i hope the chump on the phone was calling the coppers

Yes @PatW they are a bunch of twats. It is a shame that the effort to catch these people and the punishment does not reflect the pain they cause.

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There was an article in The Road (MAG magazine) written by Geoff Cadman, retired divisional commander in the Hampshire police force. He talks about how they recognised that by taking out fifteen individuals in a local town they could reduce theft of and from motor vehicles by about 70%. Trouble was, he had limited resources and limited time. They nabbed a few thieves during the operation but they couldn’t sustain it for more than 6 weeks and as soon as those perps were oon the street again the rates went back up.

It’s easy to blame to coppers but if they’re not funded they’re limited in what they can achieve. That’s a governmental issue. It’s an interesting and somewhat disappointing read.