Therapy Day

Been a few weeks since my last ride so today was a much needed Therapy Day.
Up before the sun (0500) and headed straight to the magic miles. 300 corners done.
For those in other parts of the world, the Magic Miles is a local term for the Top End of the Putty Rd, Broke, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. Which is basically 16 klm (10 miles in the old money) of corners, approximately 150 each way.

It’s so good when you’re in the groove and everything just happens.

Another awesome breakfast at Magoony’s coffee house@ Broke with a view of Yellow Rock Lookout.

By the time I’d had a leisurely breakfast it was already 28 deg C, so time to head home before the heat of the day, 36 deg C predicted.


Now that’s how to start your day. It’s 7C and drizzling here. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Few more months and it will be our turn to be cold and wet.

This is England. It’ll prpbably still be cold and wet here, as well.

That looks and sounds like the perfect start to the day!!

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That looks brilliant.
You’re putting those Michelins to good use, too!

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Only one reply needed, Shove your glorious weather, fantastic roads and great start to a day right up your… coming on here showing off😂 Can you smell the envy?

I’m really looking forward to Spring/Summer over here so dead jealous of your current weather.

But, 0500! I had no idea such an hour really existed.

the “Magic Miles” as viewed on Google earth