Thought I'd see what the fuss was about

Hi, I’m HelmutVisor. You may know me from such forums as TTF.
Thought I’d support this new venture and see where it goes. Staying on the other one too, still lots of good info to be had there. I’m the one who has to listen to the DEFCON 1 jabber :rofl: I ride a Thunderbird Nightstorm and an 08 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory


Welcome Helmut!! :wink:


Hi Helmut. Welcome to the (new) forum. Good to have you along.

It’ll take a while before this place has as much traffic as TTF and it may never do that. It’s the ‘network effect’. I’ll carry on developing this place, then it’s up to people where they want to be most of the time.


Fixed it for you :wink:.


Nice selection of bikes HV! You still selling that textile suit?

He is indeed!

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I am bud. In the interests of transparency I now think the jacket is the Matera (GoretexPro) see attached link and the trousers may be the Matata pants, again see attached review.

I did buy as a set but can’t find anything that states Held did any Matera trousers and I don’t think they are GoretexPro hence my suspicion.

Just remind me of the sizes again please… I’m 5’10” (long back, short legs… cheers mum ! :roll_eyes:) 38” waist 44” chest

They are Held XL which they say is 44" chest (I am and it fits) and 102-110cm waist (40in-which I am not but fits). If you are genuinely interested then I am willing to send them to you if you trust me to hold the cash. If they don’t fit or you’re not happy then you can return them and I will refund you the money.


That is enormously generous… give me a chance to sell some gear myself and I’ll be right back to too (don’t hold them if you get another interest though)