Thruxton Final Edition

It seems Triumph are dropping the Thruxton :anguished:

The Final Edition does look bloody Gorgeous though :heart_eyes:


That Final Edition does look good but what the hell, Triumph?! We want more variety in the range, not less. :cry:

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I wonder whether they have a replacement in mind or whether they’ll fill the gap with a Speed Twin RS?

That may be a good shout. I’d be interested to see Triumphs sales figures by model for the last few years. I’ll ask around next time I’m at the local dealer.

A youtuber called motobob did an article on this and used dvla registration info to see approx how many were sold vs the speed twin. I tried to look on the DVLA but they have so many csv files to download and analyse I gave up. :woozy_face: However I’m sure someone with your dedication could manage it? :wink: Or I suppose you could watch the youtube video?
Edited to add: I found the site where you can see the numbers of thruxtons etc registered every year. Looking at their data, it seems 59 thruxtons were new registrations in 2022 and 561 speed twins.


I suppose the next question is, what’s the biggest market for the Thruxton? If it’s the UK then it’s no wonder they’re killing it off.

If I won the lottery significantly, I would be interested… but only after nabbing @Iron ’s latest beauty!!!

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The Thruxton always looked expensive next to the Speed Twin, particularly given just how good the Speed Twin was straight out of the box, plus it’s more comfortable riding position - this is what swayed me towards the ST earlier this year.

The only real plus for the Thruxton was the Ohlins adjustable rear shocks. Given how good the standard ST is, a ST RS would be an awesome bike and I would be surprised if it doesn’t happen now.

I’m still sad about the demise of the Thruxton though, it was an icon.

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The MCN version of the press release. £15,095 to you, sir. And here’s your certificate so you know you are a special owner.

Don’t get me started on British Racing Green. Its not an actual colour! :smile:

I think it’s only MCN calling it British Racing Green, Triumph call it Competition Green. Either way it’s a lovely colour.

Over the last few years I don’t think Triumph have done the Thruxton any favours with their colour choices for the bike, if it had always looked as good as the FE edition it might have sold better! I know I would have been seriously tempted earlier this year if Competition Green had been an option.

My Thruxton is British racing green and I love it. I’m not surprised that Triumph are retiring the Thruxton as the Speed Twin is an awesome bike (since triumph fixed the squealing brakes).
Price and a more comfortable riding position was always going to win people over. I also think the new 1200 speedie modern roadster has taken sales from the Thruxton.

I cleaned mine yesterday ready for putting in its vacsac for the winter :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a lovely colour. There’s still no single British racing green, though. :grin: BRG just means ‘dark green with a touch of blue’. Different manufacturers use different hues.

I’m putting my pedant soapbox away now. :smile:

Having seen the images on the Triumph website I was nervous as I thought I was going to end up swapping mine for it when I saw it in the flesh as the Triumph images look really good. Well done to Triumph marketing they certainly do it well.
At the bike show unsurprisingly they had one on display. Its fair to say it felt tucked out of the way certainly not centre piece.
I was relieved whilst underwhelmed by its overall appearance.
I prefer my current bike.
There was more focus on the Tigers, and the stealth range of bikes.
One bike, which looked cool was the scrambler 900.