Tiger 660 Recall

Here’s a photo of it in Wasdale: an ex-Danish Army bike, which I really liked. Wouldn’t mind another one if I had space.

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That’s my niggling worry each time it happens…then it doesn’t happen for so long that I forget about it :grimacing:.

My 2022 Tiger 900 occasionally does something similar - twice in 1600 miles so not very often. On both occasions it was in similar circumstances, in traffic about five minutes or so from a start from cold.

When slowing for a road junction or traffic lights, changing down the gears, as I pulled in the clutch just before coming to a stop the engine died. First time I thought I had somehow managed to stall it, but the second time it definitely wasn’t anything I’d done. On both occasions it started immediately on the button.

It’s rare and I don’t view it as a big deal, but it never did it before the bike had its first 600 mile service and I know it had software updates at that service. I’ll mention it when it gets booked in for its annual service, unless the problem gets worse in the meantime.



On t’net…
Possible old news?

Is this just for the States? I check the FEMA recall web page every week and post anything I see about Triumphs. Haven’t seen anything in a while but I’m not sure it’s the best source.
I keep meaning to ask Triumph if we can get notified as a group. Not everyone will be in their database.

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It always seems to be the states first as its probably lawsuits central imho?
Then, it kind of trickles down to the less likely?
Just my two pence worth but definitely something to bring up with the dealer if you fancy an argument if you’re bored (in the uk!)?

I couldn’t open the link, but can confirm that my 660 recall was done a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if this is a new one?

here’s a screenshot of the article for you.


Yep that is the recall that was for my bike.