Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Evening all,
Which side stand foot enlarger are owners of Rally Pro model using?
I bought a cheap one from China and it nowhere near fits my 22 model Rally Pro.
I don’t mind paying for decent quality particularly after buying the cheap Chinese one and wasting my time and money.
Thanks in advance.

Sorry can’t help. Can I ask why you feel it needs to be enlarged? I’m just curious.

typically the kind of stuff SW MOTECH would propose
I’d check with them.

Yes I can explain. I just caught it as the side stand sank in the grass on last weeks trip around the highlands. An enlarged foot would in all probability have prevented it from sinking.

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Right understood. I always carry a puck with me when I tour to prevent this happening on soft ground.
I have picked loads from motorcycling events like BSB etc. if you don’t have any freebies, a quick Google search for “motorcycle side stand puck” will show you loads of examples. I hope you find this useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the meantime a crushed soft drinks can made by standing the can upright and stamping on the top so you collapse the sides and form a round flat circle will provide you with a temporary solution


That is a good tip and one to remember @Littleade :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use a beer can if you prefer. I got the idea in Spain at the Jerez moto GP from the locals when we were parking our bikes on the grass beforevwe went in to watch the racing