Tintern Abbey Loop

@HelmutVisor and I have three days leave this week, so today we had a few good hours’ riding (apart from me accidentally taking us for a few miles down a dual carriageway…I have form…not the first time, but not the same road :grimacing:). We went to Tintern Abbey , had an ice cream (I went retro…mint chop chip :yum:) and a coffee at the Anchor Inn and then rode via a very good and twisty road to Usk (mentally knackering for me still, tight twisties, as I am always working to improve - but I enjoy them) and onwards to the Myndd Ddu Tea Rooms where we had another drink and some food, and then another great road to Bronllys and on to home to relax in the garden.


It’ll be a nice gaff when they finish it

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You just can’t find good roofers nowadays…

I’m no builder but I reckon that needs a bit of repointing.

Lovely day out. The dog looks very chilled :grinning:

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