TMF Awards 2022

Welcome to the inaugural TMF awards, where we recognise those special contributions people have made during the year. Please limit your acceptance speeches to five minutes or when people start moving towards the bar, whichever comes first.

And so to our first award.

Most Liked Member

(Stop sniggering at the back.) Let’s face it, some people are simply more popular than others (but let’s not start a poll). The burden of popularity can be a heavy one, or so I’m told, but I’m sure this year’s winner will maintain their grace under pressure, and if not, there’s always the possibility of a Prima Donna award next year. This award though goes to… @PatW with 1,500 likes!

Most Viewed Motorcycling Thread

Cream rises to the top, and so do good forum topics. Unlike cream, topics don’t go off and start to smell. But then again they’re not very good with apple crumble. But I digress. This year’s winner will probably not come as a great surprise to many who have been following his engineering exploits, or the fleets of delivery drivers with whom he must be on first-name terms by now. Three cheers for the forum’s best spokes-man… @Iron!

Nice Guy Award

We all know that forum members are generous with their appreciation of a good post, or at least a rude joke, but one member in particular stands out this year for their contribution to the neediness of others. We all like to be liked, but no one has liked us more in 2022 than… @Dawsy, who spread the love with over 1,900 likes - what a nice guy!

Top Referred Topic

This one is for the thread with the most clicks from outside the forum. These are important because some people who pop by may end up staying a while, like an unpleasant old aunt. Never-ending topics weren’t eligible for this accolade so with those eliminated from the running, the award goes to…@TheRevenant for Bonneville SE 865!

Prolific Reader Award

In this modern world there are content creators and there are content consumers. Sometimes they’re the same person but not always. So who has been the most voracious post reader this year among our members? With an impressive 11,100 posts read, and a readily explained squint, the award goes to… @HelmutVisor!

Content Provider Award

Variety is the spice of life, not basil as many people believe. It’s also one of the defining features of any good forum (variety, not basil). This year, one among us has tapped the New Topic button and got the conversation going more than anyone else. Their diligence is our entertainment, so raise your glasses to… @DCS222!

The Everyone Award

If you weren’t one of the lucky recipients of an award from the list above, don’t worry. The Everyone Award is for you as a contributing member of TMF. You’ve added to the 11,200 posts across 848 topics, been among the 8,400 visits to the forum since May, and played your part in bringing the total number of page views to over 720,000.

Drinks all round then, and here’s looking forward to a bigger and better 2023. Happy New Year! :tada:


Why thank you, thank you! I am so proud to accept this prestigious award on behalf of the entire team that has worked so hard all year! Or then again, bollox to em its all MINE!!

Happy New Year everyone, I’m off to get drunk!


Well, well, well. As proud as punch.
I was so upset when I lost the world walking the plank finals on the Isle of Sheppey but I feel all the hard work has now been worth it.
Thanks very much @Octoberon. I’d also like to thank my ever growing tool box, the Admin Staff and BSA for making Triumph the best motorcycle in the world.
I’ve been practising my signature so send a SAE - but only one per address please.
FFFF (fourstrokes forever, forever fourstrokes) :sunglasses:


Bit embarrassing this, now where do I collect my black lightning and puppy?

P.S. Mrs W suggests a recount :flushed:


What a great idea Saul…
Thanks again for all your hard work in setting this up.


I feel that this forum deserves its own award… and the folk who fill it… it’s a pleasure to be a part of


I like to watch :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Asking for a friend, but who got the award for the most thread hijacks ?

It’s a fix, I read it on the internet…

May need a “mami’s little precious” award too :+1: