TMF Goes Live!

The Triumph Motorcycle Forum has been online for nearly two years. As everyone knows, it’s where all the nicest Triumph people hang out. :slight_smile: But there’s always been something missing…

Yamaha Motor USA GIF
(Yes, I know, but I couldn’t find a Triumph)

So, starting from 5th May, there will be an actual, real life TMF event and meet-up at Coopers Yard on the first Sunday of every month,

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 21.03.52

The TMF community is spread far and wide so, although this is a joint hosting by TMF and the lovely people at Coopers Yard, we’re open to anyone coming along (because some of them have bought the wrong motorcycles and need educating). :grin:

More information to follow soon but happy to answer questions or take suggestions!


:clap: I need to plan joining one of those meeting to make it an “international” event :laughing:


I’ll see if it’ll fit in the quiet agenda I have :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Just a reminder that it’s today! The sun is out so that’s a good omen.