To the top button

I find a “to the top” button a quick way and easy way to navigate back up to the forum’s main information area, much better than scrolling or using the slider… would one be possible?
(I like to navigate from the home page the logo “link” sends you too)

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I’m not entirely sure what you mean, @DCS222. Is it a button to take you to the top of the topic (thread) you’re after,or to a landing (home) page? If it’s the latter then clicking the logo will do that. (Incidentally, I need to check the set-up as when you scroll down that logo changes to the badge, whch doesn’t make much sense.) The landing page defaults to ‘Latest’ but you can change it in your profile preferences…

Ahh… I think it an issue with my ancient iPad mini… the badge doesn’t show… I now know to press the white box. :crazy_face:

Interesting to know. I test with my laptop and iPhone but I don’t have lots of older devices to try out. It may not make any difference but there’s a Discourse hub app that lets you access the forum (and any others on the same platform) that may fix that problem.

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