Today I have been listening to this in the workshop

No need for ze German lyrics, ramp this up and get that spanner, hammer work and welding done.


I like a bit of heavy stuff :grinning: I do like a bit of budgie when tinkering at something, not the same but still heavy… old school heavy :smiley:


I think someone was having a laugh at the Millenium Stadium recently when I heard Breadfan blaring on the PA.

I can remember camping in France when my kids were young and the Breadvan used to come on site each morning pipping his horn and all the kids would set off running, trying to get to the Breadvan first. It was quite amusing really.

I see the new medication is kicking in…

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So, today’s easy listening in the workshop has been Colter Wall and his well known “punchy songs” :laughing:

Maybe not so well known is his “Bob Fudge” who was a real cowboy, his book is worth a look

Good ol’ Bob eh? :slightly_smiling_face: A proper, hard as nails, wild west cowboy