Today I have mostly been

I was going to say ‘Datsun’ but I thought that’s not going to mean much to the young people. :grin:

…working from a hotel. The modern benefit of ubiquitous wifi and laptops.


I read somewhere that Nissan are relaunching the Datsun brand on cars for sale in Asia. I remember them well on UK roads back in the day, never owned one though :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think they’d dare relaunch them over here. Their reputation as rust buckets would come back for a lot if us, even though it would probably be unjustified these days.

I passed my driving test in 1981 in a Datsun :+1:

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I passed mine in 1986 in a Mini Metro. What a car that was.

1986 for me as well :wink:

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1987 on a Renault Super 5 diesel :grinning:

About 400 by 700 made from old pallets, some fire and some acrylic paint. Looks a lot better in real life. A super looking Flat Tracker.

Christophe Canitrot’s Staracer framed 1967 TR6. Bonny head, Mikunis, Morgo Barrels breathed on by Phillipe Fabre… :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re all young whippersnappers 1974 for the bike 1978 for the car in my case…I was quite sad when I had to give up my clean green paper licence in 2016 for a photo one because I was going to NZ

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Top trumps? …
1972 Hillman Avenger. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: but didn’t get into bikes till my mid life crisis.
A cat licence in 1991 and jumped straight on to a CBR600F. :scream:
Actually bought it before passing my test.
No pressure.


1976 car test in a metallic green Vauxhall Viva HC :sunglasses:

Car test in a Mitsubishi Lancer in 1980, 2 years after my bike test…


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I don’t think it would be an issue today, as Skoda didn’t have that problem.

They did turn their brand image around, unlike British Leyland who ditched theirs and called themselves Rover; same cars, different perception.

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1967, test taken (& passed first time) in a 1963 Vauxhall Cresta PB (web image, hopefully below) with Hydramatic gearbox. In those days (dearie) the licence wasn’t differentiated for manual or automatic. I didn’t take the test through any real interest in cars, per se, but it meant that I could relieve my dad of some of the duties of dropping off and picking up my mum from her work! I didn’t then buy myself a car until about 1976.


Bike test in 1969 and the car a year later thanks to the army. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Farkin ell you old git, in 1967 I wuz stil at joonia skool wearin shorts

What’s the saying about best tunes? :wink: :grinning:

I suppose I should add that I took my bike test fewer than 4 weeks after my 16th birthday in 1966 …

(and I’ve ridden a motorcycle at some point in EVERY year since then!)

‘Old git’ is, indeed, quite apposite. :grin: :smiley: