Today I have mostly been

Ok, so not necessarily bike related but thought it’d be interesting to find out what takes up/how you spend your time without going into all the miniscule detail ala facearse.

So today I mostly jetwashed the MIL’s drive and path in front of her bungalow in Kernow in between the showers. The majority of it is typical construction round here from the middle/ last last century with chippings which I’m guessing comes from the china clay mines. Bloody PITA it is


Spent the morning sorting out the reason why the Guzzi wouldn’t start yesterday. No power, no idiot lights.

Had my suspicion (thanks to a Guzzi Forum) and found the culprit in the ignition switch :rage:

Biggest problem was in trying to remember where I’d put the soldering iron so that I wouldn’t lose it.

All sorted so off to lunch at a posh pub to celebrate - it’s Teeside Restaurant week so three courses for £20. Such good value we’re out again tomorrow evening :sunglasses:


Much excitement for me. Working from home - got up, walked and fed our dog, worked, went for a run, worked some more. This was followed by some more feeding of the dog, doing some housework and cooking dinner. What a rollercoaster :rofl:.

That said, when I WFH it saves a 4am start to fit in both my run and walking the dog before the commute to the office and the commute home again :+1:.


All this week I have been teaching a chainsaw course.
Got to earn money for trips somehow.


Spent the day tiling a corner of the living room, ready to install a new mult-fuel stove to keep us warm this winter without needing to use so much electricity. Doing my bit to fight back against the thieving energy suppliers.


I wonder how many of the younger generation will be googling “Soldering iron” …:rofl:

What is this word “work” you speak of…

Bet you get a buzz out of doing that…I’ll get my coat…

My mate who has a log burner said many are doing the same so the price of logs has doubled :poop:

Had our flu jabs at the local Boots pharmacy, so much better experience than our waste of space health centre.
Then I emailed South West Water to report Littleade :wink:, it’s pissing down but there’s still a hosepipe ban down here. :roll_eyes:

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Really? Wish you’d said earlier as it would have saved me a job. The MIL didn’t tell me, but there again she’s 89 and got dementia. Best not carry on with it tomorrow as planned then. Ta for the heads up as there’s not one on at home I never thought to check

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We used to burn logs, not bought but gathered from fallen trees and cut up by me, but I had to spend a whole day a week with the log splitter and chainsaw to keep the stove fed, which became a PITA, so we went over to smokeless fuel. We found it better because it burns cleaner and slower, and stays in all night, or all day if we’re going out. It’s slightly dearer this year than last, but still not expensive. We’ve pensioned off our old stove and bought a shiny new enamelled one. Once installed, it will be kept going until the spring.


Yeah, I noticed that. I have managed to source good prices logs…

Try your local tree surgeon, or the site they take to… I did, and for 20 quid he’ll chop the trunks to length (8")…and I can fill my boot (Mondeo estate)…I just need to chop it myself!

40 quid later…and a full body workout!


I never saw that coming :joy:. Stihl if it carries on we could call it a chain reaction.

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C’mon chaps, cut it out…


Neighbour had a tree cut down recently. We asked the tree surgeon if we could have the logs, so he cut them perfectly and stacked them outside the front door for free :grinning:

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That hedge needs sorting…

Dog walk then finished 28sqm of wall tiles (following 33sqm of floor tiles) put skirting around the kitchen then hung a cooker hood.


Took a trip up to Shrewsbury (in the truck) for a catch up with an old mate, always good to reach out :coffee:

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