Today I have mostly been

…working from home then jumping on a train to York to grab some dinner and watch The Merchant of Venice at the Theatre Royale.

“If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?”

“Probably sir, but this is Pizza Express so can I just take your order?”

What you want on your pizza? Pound of flesh? :rofl:

I say, this is a biker forum, not some thespian retreat…

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Away, you starvelling, you elf-skin, you dried neat’s-tongue, bull’s-pizzle, you stock-fish!

Bleedin’ literature, that is.

Ok fellow Thespians…!
Yesterday we went to London Town for an evening out . I was taken to The Crazy Coqs Cabaret ….and of course ended up on stage ….as the comedians stooge…!
An alternative night out … still buzzing at 03.00 …
Maybe a late start in the morning…!


Does that mean you were the lump in the tights? :thinking: Thou knavish codpiece!

At least you had a medieval hair cut to match…

Talking of calenders…mine was just handed to me by a bloke from a white van knocking on the door. Handed me a big white envelope with only the calender inside. Wasn’t the postie but hey ho, it’s here. Admin Staff has already hunged it on the wall under this year’s one ready for the New Year.
Cheers Saul, proper nice it is too. Happy New Year ya’ll :partying_face:


Fitting a new dashcam to SWMBO’s car. We had a HD single channel Blackvue in there originally which I swapped over from my car after getting a 2 channel version. Her Cackvue started playing up last week, speaking some rubbish in Russian through its tiny speaker. After loads of email exchanges with Blackvue in the states and Norton removing files from the firmware update it turns out it’s fecked. So I got her a Nextbase 2 channel one off Amazonia for far less money than another Blackvue as we had some vouchers to use. Relatively easy to fit it’s a nice tidy bit of kit, hardly noticable from outside. She did poo poo the idea of them to begin with…until she had a numpty reverse into her in Aldi’s car park who kindly admitted responsibility, all captured and sent to her insurers which made the claim very simple. Only pisser is despite having protected no claims her insurance is now more than it was previously all because some old codger wasn’t watching what he was doing.

After that I had a bit of a tidy up of my garage shelves as a bit of therapy.

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Getting rid of the roadrunnerrider Avon things and going back to the TT100s, much better


Today I’ve been wandering for hours around Motorcycle Live sitting on dozens and dozens of bikes trying to find one that’s a good fit ergonomically. Nothing seems like it’s quite right.


Today I have mostly been busy getting the mrs’ new horse vetted, and collecting it…


Nice looking hoss is that. I had a go on one once, never again thank you very much.

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That is one very big horse….

Yep, 17 hands… big fella!

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‘Oss’ not ‘Hoss’ you imbecile!

And your point is? :rofl:

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I think he’s osstensibly being humorous.


Being Yorkshire more like…

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Taking delivery of this:

Very nice indeed! Cheers Saul!