Todays bimble to the Attwell Wilson Motor Museum at Calne

A strange little place but very interesting. Some nice old vehicles including a Mini Cooper S prepared by Downton Engineering in Salisbury. I noted that the 1963 Triumph Bonneville was the only bike with a drip tray under the bike.


That Mini engine bay takes me back. My knees can still feel the cold concrete kneeling in front of that, balancing the carbs every other weekend as a young 20 something. :joy:

I always found a Sainsbury’s plastic bag across the grill was handy to stop damp in the distributor.

I was posh, bought one of those dip moulded boots to go over it, probably didn’t work, remember using some sort of spray sealant too. :laughing:

“carbS” eh? Someone had the proverbial “souped up mini” then?

SUs or Webers?

Yes, twin SU’s.
Twin tanks too (which caused some worried looks at the petrol station). :slightly_smiling_face:

It was a “bitsa”, '69 Cooper with an earlier 1071 Cooper S engine, comp manifold/exhaust (nice centre exit big bore later - but no photos so didn’t happen :wink:) etc.

Was my second car, so kneeling to work on it was a step up from my first…

:joy: :rofl:

(I still have that bucket, socket set and tool box 50 years later) :flushed:

Sadly not the cars!!


What about the shoes, have you still got those…? :thinking:


Two of my favourite cars - if only for the “character” that far outweighed the (many) shortcomings!! Love the Chamois.

Is that a Hilman Imp you are crawling under. Mate of mine had one.

Apologies to @Alfie for gate crashing your post. :slightly_smiling_face:
Having a deja vu moment, think I may have posted that photo before (and/or @AdieP is a Imp/Chamois aficionado)
@Wessa , close, actually a Singer Chamois, just a “posh” Imp with a few bits of extra trim inside and out. The CooperS was fast and fun, but the Imp was a much nicer car IMO.
Sorry @Oldskool the shoes (and jacket) are long gone :laughing:, still wearing 501’s though - probably 20 or so pairs on…

Was thinking I could recreate the scene with current car and location :thinking:
But I’d never get back up off the ground now. :tired_face:

Edit: and the tool box lid is still broken. :laughing:


Adie P is very definitely an Imp ‘aficianado’ … insomuch as I always liked them and did own a humble, standard Imp “back in the day”! For a car of it’s size and capacity it had surprising performance abilities, though the steering could be a little bit wayward if not properly maintained. I did always aspire to ownership of the Sunbeam Stiletto version - probably the pinnacle of ‘standard’ Imp production in terms of both performance and style. Sadly, my aspirations were subjugated to reality - and a much stronger passion for motorcycles!!