Today's travels

A warm dry day today, so off for a ride. Into Dumfries, then up the A701 as far as the turning for the Ae Forest. I stopped to take in the view from Ae Village which was originally built for Forestry Commission workers.

Then on through the forest and eventually turned on to an even more minor road.

Emerging from the forest, the road headed north into a remote area of moorland and hills, with just a few isolated farms.

Climbing steadily, it reached a high point with a panoramic view across Nithsdale.

Eventually, it led down to Thornhill, from where I headed west through Tynron, and climbed steeply up the road to Moniaive. View back towards Tynron:

View down over Moniaive and across Glencairn:

From Moniaive I took the hill road towards Dalry, with more fine scenery. To slightly misquote Julie Andrews: " High on a hill was a lonely cludgie."

View from the Dalry road across the Glenkens to the Rhins of Kells:

Then southwards down the A714 beside Loch Ken (view looking north):

Eventually the hills of home appeared ahead:

As a trip, it doesn’t compare with Wim’s spectacular Montenegrin scenery, I’m afraid, and was only 120 miles, but I enjoyed it, I didn’t encounter any Serbian policemen, and I was home in time for tea. :slightly_smiling_face:


And the ideal machine for the environment :grinning:

That looks incredible! You’re very lucky where you are, Dave. I need to go abroad for that…


Gorgeous country side, as Win says you are very lucky :grinning:

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I was only ever once in the Netherlands, crossing it (them?) in a train in 1968 on the way to Moscow. No disrespect to the country, but my impression was certainly of a distinct scarcity of up and down bits, so I totally understand your taste for mountain passes…


It’s a great country to live in, but definitely challenged as far as up and down bits go…


I feel your pain. I live in East Anglia so have to travel about 250 miles to find even a moderately sized mountain.

I envy those that have them on their doorstep.

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