Tomintoul Bike Meet

This actually started a few years ago as a chance to use the great roads between Tomintoul and Alford, where the Transport Museum. held its annual motorcycle day. Since then it has blossomed into a weekend of Custom Bikes Beer and Bands. I would have went to the Camp Site and stayed the night but the dog wouldnt have like it, so I went for the day.

Met the Norton 850 at a petrol station on the way up. It looks brand new, really, only he couldnt start it while hot so we chatted till it coolled then she fired up no bother, sounds good too.
Not a huge meet, a really friendly bunch, spent much longer there than I planned had a great run up if I say Dufftown to Tomintoul Im sure that road will jog a few memories. Then the long way home over the Leght and through Rynie to Huntly then home. Nice. Anyway, knew you guys would appreciate a few pics.


Nice selection of bikes there.

Sounds and looks like a good day out :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I love the look on 67… great stuff

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Great set of pictures. It always amazes me the number of local bike meets that are run around the country :grinning: