TomTom Rider 550 SatNav mount for Sprint GT

An internet search popped this up a lot, so I’m guessing it’s what most psople are using. Anyone had one, or something different, or got any general thoughts or advice?

I went for the Tom Tom Rider that included handlebar RAM mount kit. Then ditched the clamp and bought a RAM mount ball that was designed to replace one of the handlebar clamp bolts. Then when I went for handlebar risers that left the centre of the handlebar free I went back to a centrally mounted RAM ball clamp, this time something neater looking.

I didn’t spot the thing you’re considering but I don’t believe that would have worked on my bike anyway as the handlebars as in the way of the top yoke nut.

The clamp that came with the satnav is on Rachel’s Ducati and the Sprint doesn’t have a handlebar so I need something different, preferably that doesn’t get in the way of the clocks.

The Ram mount method I used (I posted on your other thread - feel free to move) on the ST didn’t intrude on line of sight to the instruments, it viewed below, so obviously a bit further from view when looking at the road ahead. I used a short spacer (had access to a lathe in those days) and then standard Ram mount components and a longer cap hd. screw. There was a switched power conector in the loom near the expansion tank that I used for supply to the satnav but I think it was probably meant for the factory heated grip option, might be different for the GT.
Triumph often fit the mating plug body fitted with rubber bungs to make unused sockets waterproof, which can be confusing if you’re not in the know. So you just need to find the correct pins to replace the rubber bungs and you have the mating plug for wiring in. Finding the correct pins might be a challenge (I’ll see if I still have any info).

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Here you go.