Touch up paint for Trident 660 engine cover?

Hi all. I have a lovely '21 Trident 660 in Sapphire black, but annoyingly just scraped the engine cover (lighter grey part) with the end of a spanner while fitting some frame sliders. I’ve had a good Google around but can’t find a touch up pen for that grey colour. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Also would be good to know what the engine covers are made from. Looks like it might be anodised, so Alu? If so I won’t worry so much about the paint, but if they are steel it will obviously need sorting…


See if this site helps


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If you take the bike along to a local car accessory place or bodyshop (maybe even Halfords) they may be able to colour match it for you and provide a small touch in pot.

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Paint factors is the place summat like Autopaint or just any local one will do near you. They will make make mini mixes like .25 ltr and make spray cans too. They also have scanners that read formulations.


Cheer all, will give those a try. I did find some online shops selling Triumph OEM touch up kits, but all seem to be out of stock…

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Let us know how you get on. And welcome to the forum!


I did dig out a magnet last night and the casing is non-ferrous, so I’m guessing alu or some alloy. Probably means immediate rust is less of a worry so I might wait for some Triumph OEM stuff to come back in stock… :slight_smile: