Trekker Top Box

So I have purchased a Givi Trekker Top Box.

This does seem like a great box and I can pack a weeks worth of clothes and gear in there no bother. I did think there may be a problem arising when it comes to, throwing a few items in for tea, on my way home, or something similar. A small item/s may bounce around inside.

So here’s my solution, This is Pat Pending.
I needed some kind of adjustable baffle, that holds gently and securely, and also practically disappears when not required.

Am I the inventor and therefore potential millionaire or has this been done?


As long as you don’t make inflated claims for it…


I wish that you had thought of this 34 years ago. I was sent out to collect our fish and chips when I first had my moped.
Collected the four cod and chips, wrapped. Popped them in my new top box and rode home at lightning speed….( as fast as an SS50 would go that is.)
Pleased with myself , I opened the top box when I got home and all of the paper parcels had opened on the ride home…!
Two problems arose from this …

  1. The fish and chips had fibreglass swarf in them…!
  2. The top box smelt like a fishmongers for weeks afterwards…!

Your invention could revolutionise the justeat generation.!


Ah yes I’ve stopped carrying fruit these days as bananas apples and pears all come out as liquid at the end of my journey. Maybe I’ve invented the liquidiser?


Might I suggest another option to your invention…

And possibly more useful when reaching your destination? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah it will! I will be sending off an email to Deliveroo momentarily. :grinning:Since you have an obvious flare for marketing :grin: We here at "TREKKER BAFFLE " would like to extend to you, :smiling_face:The Investment Opportunity of a Life time, for a very small initial investment you will have the :shushing_face:practically :innocent: GUARANTEED return of up to 150%. Please DM for further details :grinning: :rofl: :joy: