Triumph Assist

Has anyone had to use Triumph assist. Twenty-four hours i have now waited to get my 660 picked up to return it to Bulldog as it has cutting out issues. Just now i have had a call from a company to say they will come late pm to pick it up. That will be forty-eight hours. Boy am i glad i am not sitting by the side of a road. Is it usually like this and if so why are Triumph using the RAC.

Hi there joe.
I think that all of the pick up/rescue service companies have gotten way worse of late.
@Motopulcino and @Octoberon had a few issues a while ago.
I remember reading that the triumph assist wasn’t very good, due to “exclusions” and various stipulations added to it.
Bad situation all around really and as you say, good you weren’t stranded.

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Indeed, I ended up ditching the AA after 16 years. I’m not sure anyone else is much better but I’m not paying a premium for a poor service.

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Yes somewhat. i just had the bike picked up after screaming down a phone all morning. RAC phoned around nine to say expect collection after sixteen hundred hours. What good is that was my answer the shop will be closed and my bike will be stuck on a trailer all night. However the driver phoned and i explained this to him and he said he would here asap. Joe

Yes i will do aswell but this is via the Triumph assist which i have for two years via the 660 purchase. Joe