Triumph Breaker

Help needed here peeps. A few years ago there used to be a great Triumph breaker in Wales who specialised in Triumphs. Don’t suppose any one can remember their name.



Paul. You are a hero. Thanks. Seems they are also in Oxford now. Just dropped them a line to enquire about a airbox and carbs for a 790 Bonneville. Thanks again.


If you don’t get any joy with those guys there seems to be a couple more specialising in Triumphs.

Motorbike Breakers

Tri Cor Hinckley

I haven’t used either so can’t offer any sort of endorsement.

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Thanks you are a star aswell. Just popped of a couple of mails. I can now get an air box like new from another source. But trying to get both together.

Let us know about your experience with the breakers. They’re a different breed to the corporate dealers and t’s always good to get an endorsement or otherwise from a trusted source.

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Hi Joe you could also try D&K in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. They used to be a big bike breakers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can’t seem to find a set of carbs at all. Lots of other years mostly Germany and Italy but not for a 2008. Does any one know what carbs will fit my bike and year. Some ads say up to 2015 but surly they were not conventional carbs and at the price i don’t want to buy something that is no good. Failing that does anyone know about setting up the CR Racing carbs. Its starting to get me down over these. I have found a like new airbox but again would it even be compatible with the CR Cabs.