Triumph Owners Club

I’ve let my membership of TOMCC lapse :astonished:
I feel sort of guilty having been a member for so long but I honestly wasn’t getting anything other than the Nacelle magazine. Even though the new editor has made the mag miles better it was still only a one poo read.
I know you get out of a club as much as you put in but I really had no clue what the locals were up to. They couldn’t be arsed to keep their forum up to date and unless I visited the pub (I don’t drink and I was mostly ignored anyway) or joined facebook I never knew what was going on.
They didn’t seem to have a presence any longer at bike shows (with their little tent) and their only organised event seemed to be a closed weekend for ticket holders only. I couldn’t just turn up for the day, I had to order a weekend ticket, of which there were only a limited number, and that could only be obtained by sending in a cheque. I haven’t had a cheque book for years.
I think the thing that did it for me was when they decided to align with BMF and then, last year with MAG. :rage:
So, being an old fucker with an attitude (moaning mostly), I’ve gone and joined the VMCC. Double the money but they seem to be a bit better organised with online calenders showing meetings/shows/runs with maps and times etc. And they seem to have loads going on.
So I’m gonna be pootling around with the other old moaning gits. See if you can catch me now…


Looks like a nice club you have there.
Lots of events and a well presented website!

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I too have been paying in to TOMCC annually for about 5 years and have often questioned what I am getting out of it! My local branches only communicate in the mag and just meet in a local pub, I flick through the mag and then it goes in the recycle bin. I think it must be a Post Code lottery because I am aware of other clubs that email their members weekly and arrange frequent ride outs.

In the last 2 years I have just kept my membership going for the Triumph Insurance discount but I have no idea how much that is actually saving me! :thinking:

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Yep, let mine lapse too. As you say, other than the magazine I got nothing out of it.

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You are not the only guys to choose not to renew your TOMCC membership and move over to VMCC. I know of others that are sick and tired of the control that one of the committee members, not the chairman, has on the running of the club and especially the forum, such that at least one of the above posts would have been deleted without reference to the author.

I was an active member of the Epping Forest branch in the late 60s, participating in marshalling at Bemsee race meetings at Brands and Snetterton and more recently a founder member of the Milton Keynes branch which in its short 3 years or so life is now the largest branch in TOMCC.

Those members who have chosen to relinquish their membership will possibly remember from the minutes of the last AGM that the committee decided to cancel my membership of the club because I took the above mentioned member to task over his disregard of club rules which the puppet committee chose to condone.

So, would I recommend membership to a fellow motorcyclist, definitely not. One of the great things about the club was the knowledge of all things Triumph that a handful of members had and willingly shared with others on the forum. At least two of this band of wizards no longer contribute following my departure.

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wow, I did hear of some erm… unrest, even more glad I left now

I could have been more precise but you ex TOMCC guys will know the very person I am talking about. If you still have access to the website look at the bottom right hand corner for the name of the firm that built and manages the website and forum and then have a look at that firm on companies house and then look at the names of the club officers listed inside the front cover of Nacelle. Any matches? :rofl:

Additionally, for you guys that have now joined the VMCC I have been advised that the said person has done likewise so please be very careful out there. I will advise his nom de guerre if it is not self evident.