Triumph renaming Street Scrambler and Street Twin

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Some of the new colour scheme options sound interesting too. Meriden Blue and Tangerine sounds worth a look!

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Indeed. I’m posting as fast as I can… :grin:

I meant from that article…wasn’t applying posting pressure, honest :rofl:.

Oh, a Thruxton RS in competition green sounds very nice.

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It looks good, too. I like it.

Anything in green looks good to me. I kinda like what triumph are doing with naming of the bikes.

I agree about the naming. It makes sense to keep the ‘Speed’ and ‘Street’ names focused on those specific sorts of bikes.

I thought they were also considering dropping the Street name from the modern stuff because people were getting confused by Street Triple and Speed Triple.

I heard something about that but it sounds like they’ve decided against dropping the ‘Street’ name. They’ve been around for so long now that anyonbe who has an interest in the bikes will know, or soon work it out.

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