Triumph Tappet Blocks

Tappet blocks from a T140 that was “all ready to ride away and enjoy for the summer”. There were, allegedly, a few spots of oil coming from the base of the pushrod tubes.

Covered in bloody sticky wellseal. So, dig in and have a look at the condition of those newly installed o’rings. Luvly.

Everything scrubbed up nicely and installed a couple of nice new o’rings.

Notice how the exhaust followers have a small hole in the stem to allow an oil feed. These have to face outwards towards the tappet block feed.

Carefully line up the hole in the tappet block with the bolt hole in the barrels.

And bash them in with a suitably sized hammer and tappet bashing in tool until the hammering ringing sound changes to say they are home.

Check with a torch that the holes line up. This also ensures that the followers are positioned correctly on the camshafts. It takes some effort to bang the tappet blocks in, the little bolts won’t pull them round, so if they don’t line up they need to be bashed back out and start over.

Put the little bolt in with a little copper washer - don’t over tighten and snap these as they are a real bugger to get out if they snap off in the barrels.

Both tappet blocks in the barrels and nicely lined up…thank you…over :slightly_smiling_face: