Trophy 1200 alarm problem

Hi all new to this forum. Hopefully someone out there can help me … I have a 2001 1200 trophy with a factory fitted Data tool system 3 alarm that I have removed and am trying to find out which wires I should bridge on bike loom connector.

The bike loom connector only uses numbers 2-3-4-5-8-9-10 pins. After removal the bike will start and run fine until I try to select gear then it cuts out as if the side stand is down. Have checked the stand switch and it’s fine, had no trouble with it before alarm removal. Would appreciate any help with this. Bob

I researched this a couple of years ago for the Datatool on my 1998 Daytona and the best way was to leave the box in place and bridge the connections inside. Let me see if I can find the forum post or YouTube video.

By the way, 2 years on I have no annoying alarm, immobiliser or battery drain. :sunglasses:

Update: here is the YouTube video that covers exactly what I did using cut down industrial staples for bridging (like a jumper connector in the computing world).

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Here is a snap from a street triple, turns out one of the jumpers is a very handy switched live for a sat-nav.
Welcome to the forum by the way.


Hi and welcome, good luck with your fix.