TT archive photos

I moved houses a few years ago and misplaced all my photographs from racing, mostly the roads, especially the TT, MGP and S100, thankfully I have found many so I thought I would post a few to show how the nature of them has changed. For those like me of a certain age may well recall how close to the action you could spectate from, ironically unlike now where people can walk the TT paddock, back then you needed an official pass to get in, luckily I had official passes over the years. I guess for those that are regulars to the TT will recognise some of the riders.


A few more archive photos of the TT. If you look at photo 2 of Joey in for a pit stop on L2, you may notice the “quick filler for fuel”, later to be banned and replaced by gravity fed ones, I have a photo somewhere of a pit lane fire, it looks worse than it was but can’t recall if this was the reason for the QF ban.


Excellent photos. Thanks for sharing those!

Agreed, great photos from a glorious past. :slightly_smiling_face:


A picture I took from the Creg some years ago, it shows how busy it was back then, and how close people could get to watch the racing, look at the spectators below the commentary speakers. The fencing in the foreground is a catch fence for the racers who came in to hot, and not to restrict spectators, no “warning public keep out signs” anywhere to be seen, Happy Days back then for sure.


Same here in NI, every year there are more and more restrictions. The insurance companies are largely to blame for this bit I found out a little fact about that which is more to do with high prices for the organisers rather than the restrictions. Most if not all claims are the so called fans claiming for personal injury from climbing over fences and barbed wire etc. Makes you sick the way some people behave!


Another few photos, Brian Reid was one of my favourite riders, a great guy, easy to talk to and very unassuming, he just loved his racing.


Saw him getting absolutely plastered in a pub at the Ulster GP in the early 90’s I think it was along with Eddie Laycock and others :beers::grinning: