TTF Subscriber

So this morning there’s loads of adverts when i go on TTF, looks like my subscription has run out. But I’ve had no reminder (surprise surprise) and there doesn’t seem to be any way to check when i last subscribed, anyone know if there’s a way?
Academic question really as I don’t intend renewing.

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I’ve moved this from Forum Business as it’s not really related to this forum

I didn’t get a reminder about my subscription ending either. I didn’t notice for ages as I have an ad-blocker installed and didn’t twig that the ‘subscriber’ ribbon on my profile had gone. It was only when I spotted some of the reaction emojis weren’t available that i realised.

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My subscription ran out at the beginning of May and I didn’t get any notification until I tried to access the site

I didn’t get a reminder either, nor do I intend to re-subscribe while the owner won’t tend to his forum.


I did not get a reminder either. Mind it is a good while since mine ran out. I use an AdBlocker so no annoying ads for me either.


I had a reminder, but can’t remember what it was for…

Says it all really…