Tuesday forum maintenance

If you’re accessing the forum later tonight after 11pm (10pm GMT) you may bump in to some work going on to set up a process for quickly switching the forum to alternative servers. This is for resilience and so servers can be worked on ‘offline’ and checked before putting them back live.

While the kinks are being ironed out there will be brief times when you may see a message saying the forum in read-only mode, or even get an error accessing the site. If you try again a few minutes later everything should be normal again.

If you still think something’s not right, leave a message here, drop me a PM, or email admin@triumphmotorcycleforum.com.


Same again tonight. Not finished the testing yet.

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…and a bit more tonight, as well.

If all goes to plan you should see…absolutely no difference. :grin: Although you will probably have to log in again.

You do remember your password… :wink:

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Oooh, so close. As Phil Collins once crooned morosely, one more night.


And that’s a wrap.

Everything appears to be working properly but let me know if you get any problems.


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