Tuono clutch and gear select problem

Today I have mostly been fault finding with AP Workshops. Ever since I bought the Tuono I have never been 100% happy with the performance of the clutch and gear select. There was never anything completely wrong it just didn’t feel right despite having an Oberon Clutch Slave fitted.
Anyway recently once hot it wouldn’t come out of gear when filtering or stuck in town if you couldn’t completely release the clutch lever and when turned off the lever would get a load of free play so I rang Griff and got it checked in.
Initially the symptoms stumped everyone and the potential solutions were wide and varied, including an engine change :exploding_head:
So a systematic approach was taken for diagnosis. The master cylinder had already been replaced so was ruled out and the Oberon was disconnected and function checked.
Next the clutch cover was removed and straight away noted that the support disc (13) was where the pressure plate (15) should be and vice versa

Parts swapped over and problem solved :partying_face:
No-one can understand why it would have been taken apart in the first place or had seen these symptoms or problem before so a school day for everyone, and for me a small bill and a smiley face as for the first time the clutch is working right and finally feels as it should :star_struck: :star_struck:


Result! Great news!

So the assumption must be that some numpty must have reassembled it incorrectly some time in the past.

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