Tuzo 50L Roll Bag Black

OK, I’ve just bought two of these bags. Let me explain. I already have this bag in Yellow, and have been thinking about getting one in black. On eBay they are £23.99. I know a lot of you use Lomo bags, but I used my yellow bag when I did the NC500, and when I did Orkney. It was 100% waterproof. Now over the weekend I thought I’d order another bag at £23.99, but I thought I’d just put the details into the search/shopping engine, and to my surprise the search came back at a price of £9.00. I phoned M&P this morning to check that the price was correct, they said it was correct and they have 39 bags left at this price, so I bought 2 which was cheaper than the price of 1 of them on eBay
The link below, should you wish to buy one


Nice find!

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I already have a 50l bike bag, but I bought one anyway… big waterproof bag like that… handy bit of kit for peanuts! Cheers for the share


Great looking bit of kit and a bargain. :slightly_smiling_face:

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