Twin headlights (dipped beam)

2010 Tiger 1050 abs

Does anyone know the necessary step by step to have both headlights on, on dipped beam, not just the LHS?

It seems to make sense to me to have both on, but please do say if there’s a reason not to!

Please feel free to mention cable colours etc :innocent:

Can you actually do it? That is, are they H4 dual filament bulbs? I’d suspect they may be H7 single filament bulbs, but I’ve been wrong before…

There are reports that drivers can mistake a pair of motorcycle headlights as a car being further away (so be aware of that). I think there may have been an EU directive for manufacturers to only use one when dipped. However Speed and Street Triples of certain years are twin dipped as standard, personally I haven’t had a problem (so far).
I’m sure I’ve read posts some years ago on the other forum where people have done the mod (might have been on SprintST’s), think a different/extra relay was involved.

How about this

Hmm…very good points!

I’ll hit pause and have a mull…

It always slightly annoyed me one headlight lit. Quite often had people flash me thinking I had a buld out. That makes sense though.

I have had a few people helpfully tell me I have a headlight out on my Striple!

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My 2019 tiger sport has both lamps on, dipped and main beam.