Tyre changer

Has anyone had the experience of using one of these?

Never used one, but it does look a useful tool. Mind unless you are changing tyres on a frequent basis not sure it would work out as value for the money. Well not at least for me.

I was interested as I always struggle with tyres. I know others can remove and put tyres on just by walking on them, but I cannot. I’m rubbish at tyres.
So went to find a video - I think this is a similar type bit of kit.

If you get one (or if anyone else has one) I’d be pleased to hear how you get on.
You’ll need a fair bit of lubricant though if the video is anything to go by. The tricky sweary bits seem to be missing.

I’ve got no experience of stuff like this Eric, but if it’s any help I have a Constands dolly bike mover thingy and it’s built like a tank and very well made.

Nor me, I change my bikes more often than the tyres :see_no_evil:

@Iron this time last year I bought a welding table/jig and my idea is to use that to adapt to as and when I need it. It’s best part of 60kg and will make a solid foundation to strip tyres on. Some vids make it look easy but one you posted is what I really want to see so I know what’s not working

They look to be ok, albeit with practise comes the little knacks on how to get it to work how you want it to. Getting it bolted to a welding table would help I think. Ze German’s Max2H Evo2 looks a bit sturdier but more expensive I would have thought (if you can find one to buy that is)
I wonder how it’d work on the likes of tubed Avon MkII and Shinko Classics.
I reckon you should go get one… :slightly_smiling_face:

Well my 9T is on tubes!! Can’t you believe that at this day an age?

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Looks good on paper then I thought sugar need to balance the darn things.

That’s often the trouble with useful but seldom used tools. Particularly those special pieces of kit for removing bits of motorcycle withut damaging either it or yourself.

Is there such a thing as a ‘special tool’ hire place?

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Yes totally agree, it’s not too bad if they don’t take up uggins of space. That’s part of the reason I want to turn my welding table into a multitool with occasional attachments that ‘flat pack’. If I know the cheap systems that are out there work then it’s worth my while to part copy them.

Use the zip tie method :wink:

Only if I’m at the roadside!!

So I looked at what I needed to work with what I’ve got and the space (or not) I have and bought this nice little turd :poop:

I’ll modify it so it shrinks to nothing and fits all my wheels inc classics and fat single sided rears. It’s going to be attached to my slab welding bench so it’ll operate at waist height and will be as solid as a rock as other users struggle at floor level.

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