Tyre inflator / compressor

I have a small electric pump for inflating tyres that plugs in to the car’s power socket but it’s a pain manoeuvring the bikes around so it’ll reach, and it’s also rubbish for my car tyres.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for something better?


I have a ThiEYE rechargeable tyre inflator which is very compact and can easily be carried on the bike. It also does the tyre pressures on my van. It is very nicely made and has plenty of stamina for the job. Very pleased with it so far.


I have the same type that plugs in to the cigarette lighter but wanted something quicker and easier to use.

I did some research and found the Ryobi cordless to be a good all rounder for me and I got it in the buy a battery + charger and get a free tool deal.

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We got this, not the cheapest but again works well for my truck and the bikes :ok_hand:https://www.halfords.com/tools/garage-equipment/tyre-inflators-and-pressure-gauges/michelin-240v-superfast-4x4%2Fsuv-digital-tyre-inflator-495174.html


That looks like it might have a bit more oomph, which is what I’m after. Worryingly though, quite a few people seem to have one fail, bought a replacement and had that fail too,

I have this one at the moment. It gets 5 stars on the Halfords site but there’s definitely something wrong with mine.

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I’ve used one of these for years:-

Comes with several adaptors, just wire it to the battery. Works well on a bike.

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Not had an issue with ours up to now (occasionally it cuts early but just press start again). The only thing for me is the length of the lead, you definitely need to use with an extension cord.

Wiring to the battery on the MV requires removing the tank. :grin:

I have the AirMan too, been using it for 4 years. Thought I could plug it into the OEM accessory socket I fitted to my 2018 Speedmaster, then realised fuse for that is 5A and the airman draws 6.5A so ended up fitting SAE lead to battery with the accessible end hidden under seat.

I’ve had one for about 6 years now. The only time I’ve had to use it in earnest was when @Andyc1 got a puncture on one if the TTF GMUs.

I also use that sae flying lead on my bike for my optimate and Keis heated jacket, which I think I’m going to need on Friday when I travel to Coltswold motorrad

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Ive got the same one now, only had to use it once.