UK Motorcycle Parking app

I discovered the UK Motorcycle Parking app the other day. I’ve use Parkopedia before but this is specifically aimed at motorcycle parking. Has anyone else used it?

There are a couple of other, similar apps that I haven’t tried. I’m going to see how it does with this one for a while.

I have an iPhone so it uses Apple Maps. I assume the Android version uses Google Maps. The parking data is crowdsourced, which I like because one thing that annoys me is maps that are wrong and you have no way to get them corrected.

Yesterday I added a few bays I know of that aren’t in the app yet. It does say that the entry will be checked, presumably just to make sure no one is trying to get you to park your bike in the middle of Lake Windermere. Though if you try that you’re probably getting what you deserve. I just had a look and the bays haven’t been added yet. We’ll see how long it take. If the process fails then it’ll undermine the app’s integrity and I’ll probably try something else.

Links to the app on the storees below. Different icons but it’s the same developer.


Thanks, with these sort of apps I think they wait until a few others report the same info before it updates.

Hi @Crispey good to hear from you, it has been a long while. Are you still riding?

yeah, when I can get the time! still got the Thruxton and bought a tiger 900 GT Pro to replace my written off 800.

That’s a good point. It would take the numbers to make it work though and I’m, not sure the app would have them. How else they’d check I’m not sure.

It has one marked in my home town which isn’t an obvious parking spot but it is the right size for bikes and I have seen bikes parked there in the past, so that part looks right.

I’ve downloaded it as it could be useful. :+1:

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That is good to hear.