UK Road Tax Renewal

I took delivery of my Tiger 660 on the 31st March last year, so had assumed that it would need the tax renewed at the end of March this year. I didn’t get a renewal notice in February so thought yep must be the end of March. Yesterday I got a notice from DVLA stating “last chance renewal”, in fact my road tax was up for end of February. Has anybody else not received a tax renewal notice? Of course it could have been issued and lost by the post office, as our post has been awful of late.

I set up a direct debit for both our cars and my bike Steve.

That way I don’t have to worry about it.

Yes that is what I have done in my the past. But the tiger was taxed for the year when it was delivered. I didn’t get a renewal reminder from DVLA, hence the problem. Going forward I have set up a direct debit so problem solved on the bike.
Mind my car is the same at the moment, so I will have to keep an I eye on that once it approaches/reaches a year old.

Just be wary, if you allow your MOT to lapse then your direct debit will automatically be cancelled and you won’t necessarily be told. People have been left driving around thinking they were still taxed after they renewed their MOT but weren’t :wink:

On a side note, I received an overdue tax demand from HMRC saying I had missed the 31st Jan deadline for payment. The lazy bastards haven’t even sent me a statement telling me what I owe! 40 minutes on hold, repeatedly being told how important my call is and I spoke to Mark who apologised and added a not eo to my account to appeal the interest charge. Hmmmmm, get back into the bloody office and do your job, bast88rds…

That happened to me when I bought my X3. They registered it on 31st January but I didn’t take delivery until 2nd February. When dealers first register a vehicle I understand that they can purchase up to an additional 14 days VED to give their customer a full 12 months before renewal.

I moaned at the dealer for not purchasing the extra days and got £50 for my troubles so I would suggest that you have a moan at your dealer for selling you a machine that didn’t have a full 12 months VED.

Thanks for that. Yes that had always been the case for me in the past. I wrongly assumed that was the case this time. Whilst a bit annoying, I can’t get too worked up over a few quid lol