ULEZ The end of Motorcycling

From the other side, but very interesting. Pour yourself a cupper.

Too much data use right now to watch, but ULEZ is going to cause a lot of difficulty for a lot of people. It’s only the beginning too-the tech paves the way for road charging, and not just for those with engines, if some reports are to be believed. Sadiq Khan wants Londoners exempting from VED, obviously because he wants to levy his own charges to keep Greater London some kind of solvent. It isn’t just the end of motorcycling, as it happens :confused:

I checked both my bikes and my car and all are exempt from the ULEZ charges in London and Manchester.

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Both my bikes appear to be exempt from ULEZ and the congestion charge which is good to know.

Not that I would ever want to go into London unless it was ABSOLUTELY necessary.

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It’s time the good people of London got rid of this corrupt piece of excrement. His poison is spreading to other cities.


But they won’t, they’ll just keep voting the oxygen theif in.

Bloody happy to live here in NI is all I can say! I thought we were pretty congested but every time I’m in England, which isn’t often, I’m reminded how well off we are. Same for speed cameras etc… speed humps, now a lot of those have appeared in villages over the last 20 years.

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Both the Tuono and the Nightstorm are exempt despite the twin unbaffled Akropovics and twin short TORS respectively :rofl: :rofl: Mrs V’s Street Triple also (with the Scorpion end can and link pipe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but not the Fireblade…£12.50 per day :rofl:
I wonder if they’ll notice that all the cats have been removed :partying_face:

Two of us were caught out in a work car in the Birmingham Clean Air Zone last year and a PCN came through - luckily my supervisor at the time was the driver!