Unexpected rideout

When I got up to grey skies and sleet this morning I wasn’t thinking about a bike ride, but after breakfast the sun came out and decided to get out for a few hours. (I had some encouragement from Mrs Mouse who probably wanted me out from underfoot, also, she knows a ride helps ease my grumpiness :wink: )

The roads were still mostly wet, with puddles and the odd stream flowing down from the field run-off, so I was taking it cautious in the corners, but the roads were soon gaining lots of dry stretches and I headed of Peterborough way on one of my loops I do in iffy weather.

After a while I stopped at the side of the road to spend a penny and when I turned around I saw bike laying on it side, doh! I hadn’t factored in the road camber and wind but thought I had gotten away with things until I noticed the sacrificial end of the brake leaver had done it’s job and broken off. So that pee will cost £59.07 more than a penny. :frowning: Undeterred I continued on and extended my ride to make the best of the mostly sunny weather.

All told I did 120 miles and got caught in the odd shower but had a good time. My prophecy last week when cleaning bike about it getting mucky again in a few days came true.

I just hosed it down to get the loose muck off, then dried it with a blower.

Stubby brake lever works fine as only my little finger doesn’t fit but will replace it because it feels weird, and for appearances sake.


That was an expensive pee stop!! At least that was the extent of the damage.


Bad luck on the bike fall and broken lever.

That’s a bit of a bugger!
Not something you really expect to happen.

I did leave the Guzzi parked on the grass last year while I went into the garage for something and when I came out it was laying on its side.

The side stand had sunk into the wet ground and gently laid the bike down on the grass. No damage, just a mucky bar end, lever and exhaust.