Upgraded shocks

Bought my Street Twin 900 a present yesterday. Although Triumph upgraded the front suspension in 2019, they didn’t upgrade the rear shocks, which are OK but a bit basic, as the damping isn’t adjustable. I’ve been meaning to get something better for some time. Searching through eBay yesterday, I saw a clearance offer by Performance Parts of Broxburn for a pair of black Ikon 7610s, with adjustable damping, to fit the Street Twin for £240, which usually sell for well over £400. Ikons (formerly Koni) have always had a good name, so it seemed like a bargain. Anyway, they arrived today and they look good, so I’ll have some happy spannering in the next week or two. It’ll be interesting to see what difference they make.


It’ll be interesting to get your feedback on what you think. When I test rode the Speed Twin 900 I noticed it had Fox adjustable rear dampers on it. Looking on the Triumph website these are a £770 option!

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Yes, I’ll certainly report back in due course, Neal. I didn’t think that my riding style justified spending £700+ for Fox or Ohlins, but the Ikons look good value even at their normal price, and they have plenty of favourable reviews on the internet. Plus they are rebuildable with new seals if it’s ever necessary.


Hi again Dave, i have considered changing the rear shocks,but now the front is sorted thats 50% of my suspension issue sorted £115, a simple job too. I watched George on you tubes TEC tutorials he is good at explaining/showing the processes.I would steer clear of the TEC shocks from what i have read.Well with the front sorted i have reached the conclusion that as the road surfaces i ride on regularly change every mile or so in quality i am unlikely to find the suspension set up that will be any where near satisfactory without throwing a considerable amount more £££s that i am at peace doing.OApete.

Pete, here’s an extract from a later post I made, commenting on the Ikons:

“Had a splendid run out today, and used my new Ikon shocks for the first time. They were indeed an improvement on the Triumph originals, which have no damping adjustment. Internet research on the Ikons seemed to find a consensus that, for solo use, it was best to set the spring load at the softest setting, but the rebound damping one step harder, i.e. no.2. This did indeed seem to work well. Compared to the Triumph items, which were a bit jolty on rough roads, the Ikons definitely gave a more supple and compliant ride, but still kept everything under control on corners, with no yawing or seesawing. So I was well pleased with them.”

I certainly think that better rear shocks are well worth having to match the already-upgraded front (as well as replacing the original Phantom tyres, of course).

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Hi Dave, hmmm sounds tempting,they certainly look much better,not that that counts,well perhaps it does.Sounds as though your sorted,well done.Pete.

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