US MotoGP last weekend

Fantastic race from COTA in Texas on Sunday. High lights are on ITVX if anyone wants to see it.

WSB has also been great so far, two rounds, six races, four different winners. Again, high lights on ITVX.

Looks like the top level bike racing is going to be very competitive in 2024. Unlike the F1!


Wouldn’t know about F1, haven’t watched for decades. Is Nigel Mansell still racing? :rofl:
But totally agree, Motogp and WSBK is looking like being a classic season. :+1:

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That was an amazing racing week end. Enjoyed the 3 races

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No, ‘our Nige’ quit F1 a couple of decades ago :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been an F1 fan for over forty years but I don’t like what it has become in recent years - It seems more about show biz than sport these days. There’s no doubt that Liberty Media (the commercial rights holder) has greatly increased its profile, partly through the Drive to Survive Netflix show - which very much has a soap opera ‘reality TV’ feel about it, but is it still sport? I’m not so sure. Liberty has also turned F1 into a closed shop with a veto over any new entrants which isn’t good.

I say all this because Liberty has just acquired the commercial rights to MotoGP and I hope (probably forlornly) that they won’t take MotoGP down the same path.

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Yes, the Liberty acquisition does worry me. And I think the TNT commentators might be concerned for their jobs judging by the extensive coverage they gave it. :laughing: